Oh yes, they want you. Rarr. Turn your CV into dynamite for employers.


We all get that look from our mother sometimes...unless you're Andy Murray. He's good forever now. Make your mum proud.

Young Adult

Another classic from 2007: our Young Adult advert. Get on the blower!

Slippy Hippy Chippy

Our Slippy Chippy Hippy cinema ad from 2007. If this started your career as a monkey trainer, let us know.

Ginger Gorilla

ProjectScotland advert - long live volunteering! Milky milky.


The TV advert launching ProjectScotland, from back in 2005


A ProjectScotland radio ad with a spring in its step - can you guess the voice?


Heard the one about the monkfish, the Mexican and your grandma? Listen to this radio advert, then.


Furnish yourself with a CV that sparkles like a cat's eyeball! Just like it says in this radio advert.


Ride the ProjectScotland volunteering Stallion - his name is Sebastian.


More radio advertising goodness from 2012.


Here's what our radio adverts sounded like in 2007.

Scotland Reads

One of 2007's radio adverts.

Do it

Our "Do It" radio advert from 2007.


A blast from the past: our radio advert from way back in 2005.


Give yourself a porpoise in life.


Stink of underachievement? Give your career a damn good seeing to.


Turn your CV into dynamite for employers.

Job Craving

Online banner ad - youth volunteering with ProjectScotland.

Get Experience

Get experience and have fun - beard optional. Another one of our online ads you might have spotted.


Another one of our flash ads: develop new skills and make friends through volunteering.

Life Passing You By?

One of our flash banner ads. ProjectScotland save the day!

Bike Station

Ever thought of being a bike mechanic? At the Bike Station they can resurrect anything from a 1970s Raleigh Budgie to a Cinelli singlespeed.


ProjectScotland volunteers at horse riding stables. We'll help match you up with volunteering opportunities that suit your interests.

PC, man

Even the Doctor had to start somewhere.


Ever thought of becoming a tree surgeon? No? ProjectScotland could help you find a great career even if you never knew it existed.

Transition Xtreme

Transition Xtreme skatepark in Aberdeen. Can you guess which one is the ProjectScotland volunteer?


Swap hee-haw for yeee haaa with ProjectScotland.

Yeee haaa!

Swap hee-haw for yeee haaa by Volunteering with ProjectScotland.

Want to scream?

We'll save the day! Don't monkey around, volunteer with ProjectScotland and get on in life.