Access to volunteering – tell us what you think?

Posted on November 20, 2019

We are volunteering at ProjectScotland and are working on a project about disability inclusion in volunteering.

Brooke 18, Bori 27 and Lina 19 are our ESC volunteers

The following surveys are part of the research we are doing in order to find out what barriers people with disabilities face when volunteering and what stops them from volunteering altogether.

We plan to work from the results of these surveys to learn about the difficulties that both volunteers and organisations face when trying to make volunteering opportunities more inclusive.

The first survey targets young people with disabilities in volunteering. This includes those who are actively volunteering now; those who have previously volunteered; and those who wanted to volunteer but faced barriers that stopped them from doing so:

Volunteers Survey

The second survey targets organizations that actively recruit young volunteers. This includes those that currently have (or have had before) young disabled people on their team, and those who do not.

Organisations Survey

With this information, we will produce a report that highlights the impact these barriers have on young disabled people when volunteering and, more importantly, how we, as a society, can overcome them.

Thank so much for your help!!