“Any young person seeking employment advice & direction should reach out to ProjectScotland”

Posted on August 21, 2020

Introducing our amazing new volunteer – Sandy Altameemi.

Sandy moved to Scotland in October 2019, but soon found it difficult gaining employment or interviews because she doesn’t have UK recognised qualifications, experience or references.

Now a member of the ProjectScotland team as a Volunteer Marketing Assistant, Sandy shared her experience with us…

“This has been a challenge for me, luckily volunteering through Project Scotland has really helped improve my chances of gaining future employment with this valuable experience.

Back in March I was first made aware of ProjectScotland through a local Highland charity. I was introduced to Mark Allan (Youth Engagement Manager for the Highlands)

From the very first meeting with Mark, he helped me identify what barriers may have been affecting my ability to gain paid employment and how to obtain references and start volunteering to enhance my CV, which was incredibly insightful and very helpful to know, once identified.

Mark and ProjectScotland managed to secure my first volunteering admin role within a local charity. I was very grateful to get the opportunity to start gaining experience in an admin based role.

My first day at the charity, I was excited to start learning about the new company I was about to volunteer with, but unluckily for me, this was the day the UK government announced the national lockdown and so my first morning meeting was to be my last.

I was so disappointed to learn this news and the momentum I had gained from obtaining this volunteer position had suddenly vanished, and I was back to square one trying to gain experience however possible.

Over the following weeks and months, ProjectScotland members were in continuous contact with me, to find out how I was doing and trying to help explore new possible opportunities in this challenging and fast-changing time. But with the lockdown it was so difficult and I had nearly lost all hope, until I was given a second chance at volunteering when I was encouraged to apply for an online volunteering vacancy by my mentor Jen Finnimore, which I successfully obtained.

I am so very grateful for all the support, help and advice, I have received from ProjectScotland since my introduction, I highly recommend any young person seeking employment advice and direction to reach out to them.”