It is the responsibility of all organisations to open their doors to everyone. How can you be more inclusive?

Posted on July 17, 2020

Our volunteers have the answer. Three incredibly passionate volunteers to be exact. They continued their amazing work on this project in spite of COVID19 and the restrictions placed upon them during lockdown.

We are very proud to have supported them during this time (big shout-out to their ProjectScotland supervisor, Caitlin!). Their commitment has been unwavering. Through this project, Guler, Melissa and Susanne have educated and informed organisations, including our own, about the importance of being more inclusive.

Guler tells us about her work on this project, including during lockdown.
Here is a link to her website

These resources were written by Güler Koca, Melissa Lonie and Susanne Philipp. Güler and Susanne have lived experience of disability and Melissa has experience of working with disabled people. They interviewed different people in the sector to give advice on how to tear down the barriers disabled people face when volunteering. 

Three previous volunteers identified these barriers, which are:

  • lack of knowledge
  • bad attitudes
  • funding

Güler, Melissa and Susanne then created resources with recommendations on how to make adverts, websites, the application process and volunteering environment more inclusive. These resources also encompass inclusive behaviours and how to get funding for access needs.

On the occasion of Volunteer’s Week, they launched a workshop on inclusion in volunteering for volunteer coordinators and supervisors, funders and any other people interested in making the Third Sector more inclusive for disabled volunteers.

You can now tune in to a recording of their workshop.

Inclusive volunteering workshop recording

In total they held 12 sessions like the recording above, over the duration of two months and sent these resources out to all participants. 

You can view and download the materials they created for this workshop, as well as the written resources below.

These resources allow charities, trainers, and disability experts to provide this workshop for free to anyone interested, including distributing the resources*.

If you would like to connect with Susanne or Guler directly, please contact them by email.

*All of the resources, including the design are protected by copyright law to prevent any duplication. Only disabled people’s organisations are allowed to make profits with the content of this workshop in order to raise funds for disability inclusion purposes or projects.