Charlotte’s Story #iwillweek #iwill21

Posted on November 20, 2021

When I left University during Covid 19 I felt overwhelmed and lost and was struggling to find any direction so I referred myself to ProjectScotland. After a few meetings with my Volunteer Engagement Manager, I found confidence and got a job only to leave it six months later as I was unhappy in the role. I contacted my VEM at ProjectScotland asking for support with looking at a new career path, potentially as a teacher. This is when my volunteering journey started. I have also been matched with a mentor, a retired teacher, to help with my application for teaching.

 ProjectScotland introduced me to a lot of opportunities through volunteering. I am now volunteering with a local Brownie Group and looking to gain my leadership qualification. This has helped with my confidence and aspirations to hopefully look at teaching in the future.  I have also been matched with a mentor, a retired teacher, to support me with my teaching application.  I have really benefited from the knowledge and guidance my mentor has offered, she is really friendly, and I enjoy our meetings. My Engagement Manager highlighted a job opening through Community Jobs Scotland, which I was successful in gaining. This has already provided several opportunities to develop my skills to support my long term goals of becoming a teacher.

All in all, my experience with volunteering has been super helpful and I would recommend it to any young person looking for direction.

Charlotte, aged 23