Fundraising for Bobath gave me an opportunity to show what I could do

Posted on April 13, 2016

Motivated to work but with nowhere to go, Jill needed an opportunity to show what she could do.

Jill Clark fundraiserI came across ProjectScotland on the internet it looked quite good, so I got in contact with them and they were very helpful and they understood my needs, that was good of them. ProjectScotland managed to get me a placement at Bobath Scotland in Glasgow. Bobath is a centre for children and adults who have cerebral palsy, they can go there for physiotherapy, speech therapy, and occupational therapy.

At Bobath I am a part of the Fundraising Team where I do thank you letters, social media, and I now have my own project, which is trying to get local businesses and supermarkets to support Bobath. ProjectScotland is a great organisation to have especially for people like myself who have a disability and really want to get some kind of employment.”

“I have cerebral palsy which leaves me without speech and I can’t walk so I am in a wheelchair. I use a Communication device called Accent 1400 to communicate with people. I use a tracker dot to access my programme on my device. The dot is on my head. I got voluntary work at Quarriers in 2011 for a day a week doing office work. They couldn’t give me anymore days so I needed to get something else to do. I was going around everywhere to see if I can get some kind of work paid or voluntary, I didn’t mind what, I just needed something else to do.”