Funk Up Your Junk!

Posted on November 17, 2015

You may have heasneak previewrd on the grape vine that ProjectScotland is 10 this year! As part of our birthday plans we’re looking to create something special, but we need your help.

As part of a fundraising event we’re looking for pre-loved items we can upcycle and display. The items represent the experiences that we give our young people on their volunteering placements. Anything you can donate will save us money and contribute towards our fundraising efforts at the event.

Check your garages, the cupboard under the stairs, the car boot and the shed. ProjectScotland needs your old junk!

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This list is not exhaustive and if you happen to have any sporting, gardening, arty, office-y equipment you’d be happy to donate please get in touch with our marketing team!
Jade (Marketing and Communications Executive)

Brad (Graphic Designer)