Great partners = Great opportunities

Posted on June 20, 2012

At ProjectScotland we create great volunteering projects right across the country.

No two projects are the same but they all involve a range of not-for-profit partners who work with us to offer a huge choice of opportunities in everything from arts, the environment, sport, health, marketing, childcare, fundraising, to research and social media. We work hard to build quality opportunities that give you choices and support you to develop new skills.

You could be building a website or building a path, refurbishing furniture or recycling books. The choice is yours.

While you’re volunteering you’ll get the chance to meet fellow doers of good involved in everything from theatre production to horticulture to research – we see it as an opportunity for everyone to come together and learn new things. So we’re also likely to invite you to some workshops.

Whatever you are invited to take part-in we promise to do our best to make it light-hearted and enjoyable while thought provoking and worthwhile.

Projects are important because they build connections. They help us see that we’re part of something bigger.

We salute you all for being part of ProjectScotland and our projects!  Go to our “Volunteers” page to learn more and apply now!