“I used volunteering to start again”… Jennifer’s Story

Posted on April 13, 2016

After suffering an abusive relationship and depression, Jennifer used volunteering to start again.

“When I graduated I got a job as a Project Designer, but not long after I was signed off with depression. I was involved in a very abusive relationship and ended up having to leave my job, my flat, and move back home. I felt worthless, like a drain on society because I wasn’t working and was collecting benefits. I stopped meeting with friends because I hated how they felt they had to ask how I was, and I felt like I had to tell them I was getting better even when I wasn’t.

I applied to ProjectScotland because I knew I had to get involved with life again. I needed to be working towards something. What I liked about ProjectScotland is that they took on board my additional needs. When I first started, taking a shower was one of the hardest things I could do, now, I work for Citizens Advice and a shower is just part of my routine.

Jennifer GThe best thing about my placement was my mentor. He’s gone above and beyond for me. I had a real issue with authority management type figures and he’s taken all of my issues and concerns in his stride. Even though I’m not volunteering anymore, he’s still there if I need to get in touch. It’s like having a safety net which makes each day that little bit easier.”