Posted on October 5, 2015

ProjectScotland is on a manhunt. We’re looking for the 5000 young people guilty of volunteering with us between 2005 and 2015. For 10 years, these do-gooding dirty scoundrels gave their time in exchange for new skills and experience, and we want to know what they’re doing now.

We’re asking ex-volunteers, or people who know former volunteers, to share their stories here. Many of our former volunteers have gone on to bag their dream job, or credit it with helping them overcome personal challenges like mental health.

So far we’ve met journalists, photographers, youth workers, animal carers, fundraisers, gardeners, and conservation rangers. There’s no doubt that we’ve launched thousands of careers – can you help us find them all?

office-close-2Our young people have used volunteering to overcome challenges. From lack of skills and experience, to confidence and anxiety issues – they’ve used volunteering to get on in life. Many even continue to give their time to charities nationwide continuing to contribute to Scotland’s vibrant third sector.

Are you an ex-ProjectScotland volunteer? Do you know someone who is?

We want to hear your volunteering story. Your feedback will help us reach out to more young people, support our fundraising, and document the true impact of ProjectScotland’s work.

Join the manhunt, help us #Findthe5000. Submit your volunteering story here

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