Meet Glasgow Wood!

Posted on July 28, 2015

P1010410This year we are celebrating our tenth birthday. As part of the celebrations we’re taking some time to thank some of the 540 charity and not-for-profit organisations that we’ve partnered with since 2005.

Our partners work with us to provide quality volunteer placements that help young people gain new skills and experiences. Over 10 years we’ve supported 5,000 young people who have given 3 million volunteer hours to charities and not-for-profits across Scotland. Glasgow Wood Recycling have been a partner since 2007, we visited them recently to meet the team and ask what volunteering means to them.

Glasgow Wood Recycling is a social enterprise and charity committed to reducing the amount of wood needlessly going to landfill by finding creative ways to recycle and reuse this valuable natural resource. Through this activity, they provide voluntary experiences and training to help tackle the social issues of poverty and social exclusion. Peter Lavelle, Manager at Glasgow Wood, says “volunteers are very important in what we do. Quite literally, it wouldn’t be possible to keep going without their contribution.” 

P1010403At any one time, Glasgow Wood Recycling can host up to 30 volunteers. The volunteers that come along to the workshop range from giving a few hours a week, right up to the 20-30 hours ProjectScotland volunteers give. “ProjectScotland volunteers are particularly interesting to work with. You get to know them through spending so much time with them and really see them develop, both personally and professionally.”

The atmosphere at Glasgow Wood Recycling is welcoming, although Peter admits that it can be quite daunting for younger female volunteers. At present Selina, a 17 year old ProjectScotland volunteer, is enjoying her placement in the workshop. “It’s very impressive to see how easily she’s taken on the responsibilities and how stuck in she’s got. We’re very happy to have her here, she’s doing great.”

It’s not just Peter who sings high praises of the volunteers. All the team at Glasgow Wood are hands on and supportive. Owen, volunteer coordinator, told us that the best part of his job is being able to support volunteers from all walks of life and watch them discover what they can do. Two former ProjectScotland volunteers are also current employee’s of Glasgow Wood Recycling, proving once again that the volunteering formula really does provide big results.

P1010405Cameron, former ProjectScotland volunteer, hard at work.

If you’d like to find out more about how to get involved with Glasgow Wood Recyling or view some of the incredible products their team produce, visit their website here. You can donate to them directly and help them to continue supporting young people in and around Glasgow.

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