Meet Justine

Posted on May 3, 2018

Justine is a young mum, she found out about ProjectScotland through One Parent Families Scotland and The Wise Group. Previously Justine had volunteered in her local community centre and with Police Scotland, but now she wanted to take the next step that would help her career and enable her to support her children.

Photograph of Justine alongside Audrey with a painted RockSolid Dundee logo in the backgroundJustine met with ProjectScotland Youth Engagement Manager, Lisa, and they decided a placement at RockSolid Dundee would help her gain the experience she was looking for. Justine started at RockSolid as a Wellbeing Worker as part of the Community Wellbeing Project. Her role involved engaging with the community to advertise the organisation’s provision and support community members who may have barriers to use the services.

Speaking about Justine’s placement, Audrey (Development Manager) said:

“I have noticed an increase in Justine’s self confidence in her time with us, she has also completed several training courses which means she is now qualified to run cooking courses.”

Justine excelled at her placement so much so that she’s been offered a paid job with the organisation that will start in May. Talking about the new role, Justine advised:

“Next for me is starting my job and working towards the future I want for myself and my children.”

Talking about the placement, Justine said: “I found it to be a warm friendly environment with a group of people who genuinely take an interest and want to help people better themselves. I felt listened to and respected through the whole experience and would and have recommended Project Scotland through various groups I attend and even at the school gates”

So what are Justine’s words of advice?

“Go in open minded and don’t be afraid to turn things down if they just aren’t for you, the more you put into the process the more you will get out of it these people want you to succeed so remember there are no stupid questions and no judgment. It takes a brave person to ask for help and a braver person to accept it.”

We wish Justine the best of luck in her new placement and look forward to hearing how she gets on.

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Who are RockSolid Dundee?

RockSolid Dundee are a voluntary organisation that aims to support young people, their families and the community to fulfil their potential and increase community capacity. The organisation focuses on working in the East End of Dundee which is an area of multiple deprivation.

RockSolid offers a range of clubs and groups for local people to join including youth clubs, weekend breakfasts, a children’s cook school, gardening groups and holiday provision – plus much more.

Find out more about their work on their website: