Meet Sandra

Posted on January 8, 2018

Photograph of Sandra in the woodland on a sunny dayMoving to a new country to pursue your dreams is daunting. It takes some guts to take that step. But where there’s a dream, there’s a way. As Sandra proved when she moved from Sunny Spain to the not so sunny, but beautiful, Highlands.

Sandra has a Masters in Forestry, Engineering and Natural Protected Areas and came to the UK hoping to get an environmental job. After looking for a job in her desired field she was unable to find something of interest, so she took up a temporary job and looked to gain relevant experience through volunteering. That’s when she found out about ProjectScotland.

“I found ProjectScotland by Facebook in the local group of Aviemore. I saw the post of Mark and I sent him a message. I have participated in a lot of volunteer programmes in Spain as well and I thought that it could be a good opportunity to meet new people, learn about the area and, of course, it could be good for my CV in Scotland to find an environmental job here.”

Working with Mark, our local Youth Engagement Manager, Sandra chose to volunteer at the Cairngorms National Park Authority (CNPA) where she took on the role of Digital Communications Volunteer. In the role, Sandra took a variety of photographs of the park and created a media library. She was also able to gain experience in how the national park works and other roles within it. Explaining what new skills she learned, Sandra said:

“I have gained new skills like learn how to take good pictures for social media, experience about how they works in Scotland the natural protected areas and, of course, I have improved my English in all the ways of the language. During my placement I have feel as a part of the office.”

Photograph of Sandra with Youth Engagement Manager Mark outside the Cairngorms National Park building.Sandra also had the support of a mentor during her placement, enabling her to get additional advice outside of her role. Sandra explains:

“She is still helping me with my applications (she has explained me how to write a perfect CV and cover letter) to find environmental job and with my English.”

Sandra’s wise words of wisdom for anyone considering volunteering with ProjectScotland:

“Take this opportunity because you can grow personally and professionally, meet a lot of new people and is good for your CV. The money is not a problem because ProjectScotland pay you the transport so is perfect. Furthermore, you can meet Mark that is awesome, he is so helpful and always nice with the people.”

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