Meet the brave fundraisers taking on a 165ft SAS style Abseil

Posted on May 29, 2015

On 7 June the following fearless fundraisers are taking on the iconic Forth Rail Bridge Abseil run by South Queensferry Rotary Club.

Meet the Abseilers

Amy GunnAmy  
Our thrillseeking Marketing Manager Amy has pushed her ski equipment to one side in order to take on a new challenge. As if plummeting down snow-covered mountain sides isn’t enough, she’s taking on this 165ft drop before nipping off for a lovely sit down lunch. It’s no sweat off her brow. You can sponsor her here.


Jane and DonJane and Donald - Abseil and Fundraisersald
Our fabulous pensioners in pink believe in supporting young people. They’re living life to the max in their golden years, but want to help make sure that’s possible for all the people ProjectScotland support too. They wear the gear well, give them a helping hand towards their target.


James and KeithJames Proudhailer
They say when you have a brother, you always have a friend, but there’s 165ft of sheer terror in the way of this brotherly pair. James is smashing his fundraising target whilst Keith needs a little boost (maybe the same little boost he’ll need at the top of the bridge to get him on his way down.)  James has been busy shouting about ProjectScotland with his proudhailer, so we’ll return the favour and be on hand to support the pair on the day.


Gillian and LynseyGillian and Lynsey
Separated by over 4,438 miles of land and sea, these two best friends are reuniting to tackle the 165ft drop. You can help support them by visiting their fundraising pages here: Lynsey/Gillian. I mean, we’d rather catch up over cake and tea but these girls are really making this reunion count. We think they’re awesome.

Angus and Kathleen abseil
Angus and Kathleen
Angus can usually be found strumming away on some form of stringed instrument whilst Kathleen is a super skilled illustrator . This creative couple are taking on the abseil as their first foray into adventure challenges. You know what they say, the couple that abseils together, stays together.