New Year’s Resolutions from one of our mentors

Posted on January 10, 2018

New Year's resolutionsDavid Hood has been a mentor with ProjectScotland for five years. For the New Year he has shared his mentoring resolutions for 2018, check them out!  




I’ve learned from nearly 5 years mentoring with ProjectScotland that every volunteer engagement is different. The young people volunteering have all contacted ProjectScotland to improve their current situation, they have the will to improve their lot, but not always the confidence, experience or support. This is where we mentors come in, to provide that experience and support that then builds their confidence.  

To avoid becoming complacent, I’ve given some thought to what I could improve upon, going into 2018: 

  • Spend more time understanding the placement, the young person’s role and how they can develop their skills whilst there;   
  • Ensure the volunteer understands what I can do for them over the placement, and re-enforce that in the first few meetings;  
  • Always follow up the meeting with a brief précis email to them of the discussions and any actions, but in an informal way. I usually did this in the past, but want to ensure going forward that I issue it immediately after any meeting;  
  • Consider issuing a pre-meeting recap email, with an outline of the forthcoming discussion;  

New Year’s resolutions aren’t complete without some new ones too: 

  • Ensure at least 1 communication each week with the volunteer, particularly in the first months of the relationship, even if only an informal ‘how are things’ email or text;  
  • Seek feedback at the end of a placement, either directly with the volunteer, or from ProjectScotland – I think the volunteer would give more open feedback to one of the ProjectScotland team;  
  • Consider touching base with the volunteers after the placement ends – possibly even just via Linked In.  

The mentoring experience can be very rewarding and fulfilling. More importantly it can help a young person who just needs that little bit of extra support and encouragement as they work towards their goals.       

So hopefully all the Project Scotland mentors can, like me, think about what can be improved on in 2018.  

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