Meet Louise

Posted on March 6, 2018

Photograph of Louise in a workshop helping an attendeeLouise is a young mum with three children. When she was referred to ProjectScotland she had been unemployed for over two years and wanted to develop her skills with the aim of getting a job. Louise was also keen to give back to her community, get out of the house and do something that used her creative skills. That’s why Louise was referred to ProjectScotland by the charity One Parent Families in November 2017.

Louise met with Lisa, one of ProjectScotland’s Employability Managers to discuss her options. They had a chat about what Louise wanted to achieve and the type of role she was looking for. That’s when she was introduced to Uppertunity, a local Community Interest Company in Dundee.

Uppertunity supports vulnerable people in the local community and provides them with a range of activities, from art classes to walking football. 

Louise took on the role of Support Worker. This meant Louise was tasked with finding meaningful volunteer opportunities outside of the organisation, and then supporting members to access these roles. Louise also helped run and design the different programmes and classes offered at Uppertunity.

As a result of the volunteer placement, Louise has learned lots of new skills. From practical skills like jewellery making to communication skills like understanding how to communicate with disabled people.

Danielle, Managing Director at Upperunity, explains how Louise has helped: “Louise has brought in new ideas and perspectives, helping our organisation grow. I have seen a big change [in her]. She is a lot more confident in herself and her abilities, and she’s developed skills that she is using outside of the workplace as well. She has gone from no confidence to running a workshop on her own.”

When talking about volunteering, Louise advised: “You have to be prepared for lots of work but it’s worth it at the end of the day. Volunteering has involved juggling lots of things but it’s been very beneficial for me. Stick at it and don’t give up.”

Due to Louise’s hard work, she has now been offered a paid job at Uppertunity.

“I love what I’m doing, it makes me happy. A job that makes you happy is amazing.”

About Uppertunity

Uppertunity is a community interest company, providing a personal development service and inclusive social opportunities for adults with additional needs. They aim to provide opportunities to individuals from vulnerable and isolated groups to better themselves and their lives, leading to long term self-reliance. They do this by offering weekly social and creative groups, a skill development program and meaningful volunteer opportunities.

Uppertunity was founded in 2015 and has grown over the last few years to offer a range of activities. These include therapeutic art group, cooking classes, stitching classes and jewellery making, plus many more.

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