ProjectScotland response to COVID-19

Posted on March 26, 2020

We want to make it easier than ever to volunteer your time and expertise

We are a lively bunch, so it’s a bit out of character for us to have remained so quiet of late. The truth is we have been working hard to prioritise those for whom we have a duty of care. Namely, our volunteers, charity partners, mentors and of course each other as we adjust to the changes imposed upon our work and our lives following the #COVID19 outbreak.

Our team is busy embracing our new normal. We are continuing our awesome work from home, which means we have more offices, great views, pet colleagues and some of our youngest volunteers ever

This is a challenging time for us all. But please be assured that we are taking you all on this journey with us. We are:

  • Developing remote ways of working to continue supporting volunteers
  • Preparing our team of incredible mentors to reach even more young people
  • Reaching out to our charity partners to find new ways of helping
  • Working with funders to continue their support as we make necessary changes to our service

We will also be making it easier than ever to volunteer your time and expertise. So watch this space.

Stay safe. Keep in touch – we are here to help!