Starting a career in animal care

Posted on June 4, 2018

Dani has a lot of experience, caring for and working with animals of all shapes and sizes…from her two cats at home, ferrets to horses!  She has always felt comfortable around animals.

Dani has worked in retail and as a receptionist in the past but would love to explore a career within animal care. Despite having a lot of experience, Dani decided to get in touch with ProjectScotland and explore volunteering opportunities within animal care to help enhance her confidence and establish a routine again.  This was following a difficult time for Dani within her home life, her housing situation and her mental health.

Dani decided to volunteer with ProjectScotland charity partner Lamont Farm in Erskine.  As an Animal Care Assistant she is supporting the Farm Manager with day to day running of the farm.  This includes attending to the needs of the animals such as horses, pigs, ferrets and reptiles.

We had a chat with Dani about her experience so far and she said: “I’m doing all sorts there from talking to people, to cleaning, to feeding to just cuddles. Though I fell out with the rats last Thursday, they nipped me! Due to a long term health condition, I have been told my whole life I need to be careful or that I can’t do things.  This placement is giving me the confidence to try things and if I need help, I can ask for it.  This isn’t a failure, it’s giving me the freedom to do things that I haven’t done for a while or ever and ask for help when I need it.

The difference I have noticed in myself is incredible.  Routine is so important for all the animals on the farm but also for me and my own mental health too.  It is getting me up early in the morning and not lying in bed all day.  If you have a health condition or mental ill health, volunteering is a great way to increase your confidence and try new things without fear of failing. I would highly recommend volunteering and Lamont Farm to everyone.”

Has Dani’s story inspired you? Apply to volunteer and start your own journey today…