Do your own thang

If there isn’t anything that tickles your fundraising fancy on our events list then you can still support us by organising your own event. We’ll help you with all the ideas, advice and tools that you’ll need to make your event a success, just let us know what you’re thinking about doing below and we’ll be in touch with a fundraising pack. Here are a few suggestions:

give up lobster for a year
Chocolate is so last year.
run a marathon
but do it backwards.
Swim 365 lengths of the pool
one for every magical day of the year.
shave your head
it'll grow back. Unless, of course, you didn't have any hair in the first place. Maybe try something else then.
wear a wig at work day
this could combine neatly with 'Shave your head' thus doubling your fundraising efforts.
count the peas in the jar
make sure there's more than ten to begin with.
ride your bike
pedal power can rack up the pennies.
sponsored silence
The longer you stay shtum the more cash in our coffers.
Here’s a checklist of things for you to think about before you start your planning.

  • What type of event is it? When and where is it and what’s your budget?
  • Tell everyone. Contact your local radio station or harness the power of social media #telleveryone #proudtobeafundraiser.
  • Think about how your event will raise money either through ticket sales, raffle, food sales or doing something out of the ordinary.
  • Don’t forget to plan the running of the day and remember to say thank you to everyone afterwards.
  • Stay safe. Follow our legal Health & Safety guidelines.
  • Read our helpful Fundraising FAQ’s

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The money you raise is vital in helping ProjectScotland continue their work across Scotland. Thank you.