Give your event the ‘seal’ of approval by using our “Perfect Event Checklist”

Before your event

Choose an idea or fundraising event & set a fundraising target – decide whether you will plan your own fundraising event or join a charity event.

Pick a venue, date & time – if you’re planning your own event pick a suitable venue and date, leaving yourself plenty of time to plan and spread the word.

Get the word out – reach all your friends instantly and publicise your fundraising using social media. Also remember to tell us what you’re doing. We love to hear what you’re up to and our fundraising team is here to help so make sure you tell us what you’ve got planned.

Promotion – use our customisable posters, your social media and shout it from the rooftops to make sure everyone knows about your event.

Recruit volunteers – if you’re running your own event you will need a reliable team to ensure the day goes without a hitch, get some volunteers on board to help you out.

Decide how you’ll raise money- sponsorship, tickets, etc.

During your event

If you are running your own fundraising event make sure you do the following:

Checklist and timeline of the event – prepare a thorough checklist of the event so it runs smoothly.

Brief volunteers – make sure all of your volunteers know their jobs and the running of the day- and where the toilets are, they will get asked that the most!

Take photos and get consent – make sure you get plenty of photos of the event and get consent from guests to use photos in post-event promo.

Keep everyone safe – follow our health & safety guidelines to ensure everyone at your event is safe and sound.

Raise additional funds – make the most of the opportunity to raise additional funds at your event through running a raffle, selling food & drink, holding an auction or any number of other things to help you reach your target.

After your event

Send us your spondulicks! Bank the money you have raised and send your cheque (made payable to ProjectScotland) with any sponsorship forms to the fundraising team. Don’t forget to include your details, and tell us how you raised the money so we can say thank you.

We have lots of fundraising resources available online including a health and safety checklist, risk assessment forms and press releases. Download your materials in our Bits and Bobs resource section.

Say thank you – Make sure you thank your sponsors and let them know what you achieved, how much you raised and where the money is going. Use your social networks.