We recommend that you set up your very own personalised fundraising page. You can provide your sponsors with the link and watch your funds increase as you receive sponsorship, all from the comfort of your chair – easy peasy.

How to set up your online fundraising page in a few easy steps.

Step 1: Visit virginmoneygiving.com and click ‘create your page’

Virgin Giving step 1
Step 2: If you are taking part in an organised event, click on the relevant section. If you are organising your own event, or are taking part in an event that happens on different dates throughout the year (for example, a bungee jump or a parachute jump) then click on ‘personal challenge’

Virgin Giving step 2
Step 3: Type in the name, date or location of the event you are taking part in. A list of events will appear for you to select. But don’t panic – if your event is not listed, or is a personal challenge, then just fill out the information yourself.

Step 4: Type ProjectScotland in the Charity’s Name section and click search. Also add in your fundraising target. and choose how long you would like to keep your fundraising page open for. We would recommend leaving your page open for 3 months after the event has finished, so that you can collect in all your sponsorship and update your sponsors on your final totals. If you are taking part as a team, then this is where you add your team information.

Virgin Giving step 3
Step 5: You will then be asked to set up an account with VirginMoneyGiving so that you can log on and amend your page at any time. If you already have an account, just click ‘sign in’ or if you are registering for the first time, just click ‘register’. It only takes minutes.
Step 6: Once you have completed the registration process you can now type in your very own unique web address. You can either stick with the automatic suggestion, or make up your own.
Step 7: Personalise your fundraising page and add your story. Remember that the more personal your page is, then the more interesting it is for your sponsors.
Step 8: And now you’re ready to go! Send the unique web address you created out to all of your contacts. Don’t forget to update your social media sites as well.

Please use the online fundraising sites only for donations from individuals. If you have companies wishing to donate or have money raised from various sources i.e. raffles, cake sales, tickets to a fundraising event please do not pay this onto your online fundraising age as this money is therefore liable for commission. Instead please download the money return form here.