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Once you’ve volunteered with ProjectScotland our time together doesn’t have to stop. Everyone who volunteers with us becomes a ProjectScotland Champion. Being a Champion means we’ll continue to send you information you might find useful, such as job opportunities, or the chance for you to continue to volunteer with us at one day or two day events. We’ll also ask you to continue to support us by helping to spread the word about volunteering, or to get involved in fundraising for us.

Being a Champion is what you make of it. With no time commitment you can be involved as much as you like, meaning you can still fit us around what you are doing now. All we ask is that you fly the flag for ProjectScotland and shout about what we do and what you have gained from us wherever and whenever you can!

As a Champion you can:

  • Take advantage of exclusive one-off volunteering opportunities at exciting events all over Scotland.
  • Receive bulletin emails packed full of helpful resources, job opportunities, updates and fun stuff put together just for you.
  • Say thanks by fundraising for us. As a Champion you can fundraise to enable another young person in Scotland to follow in your footsteps and benefit from voluntary opportunities. To find out about our exhilarating Champion bungee jump just click here.
  • Bag yourself a treat when you recommend a friend.
  • Spread the word about your experience on our very own PS Volunteer app.

So, go forth you Champion, we’re proud of you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Remember we’re always here and happy to chat. You can always reach us at champions@projectscotland.co.uk to ask us any questions.