Volunteering Brought Tahnee Full-Circle

Posted on March 4, 2014

tahnee_pic“I wouldn’t be where I am now if it wasn’t for my ProjectScotland placement.”

At 22 Tahnee made the brave decision to completely change her career plans. She had  studied Textile Design at university earning her the role as an Assistant Womenswear Print Designer in Leicester. Despite her employment success, she realised that her interests lay elsewhere. Tahnee moved back to Edinburgh to begin developing a career in Graphic Design.

Tahnee explains, “I spent a lot of time applying for positions, but I often lost out after interview due to lack of experience. It was quite demoralising.” At this point she decided to take time out and travel across Europe, China, Australia, New Zealand, and the USA. Upon her return, she applied to Shillington College and completed an intensive Graphic Design Course. “I was determined to do anything it took to make it in the graphic design world.” New folio in hand, Tahnee approached ProjectScotland.

Through our volunteer placements, Tahnee joined the Travelling Gallery. She developed her “skills in art education and public speaking,” and her “confidence grew because of the support that was offered. I also started building contacts through all the events I helped out with as a volunteer.” Her line manager, Alison Chisholm, worked to help Tahnee develop in the areas she required, providing her graphic projects which later led to a placement with the City of Edinburgh Council and Pax Studio.  Tahnee attributes a great deal of her current professional confidence to her mentor Julie-Anne Jamieson. “She was there for me in a way that was entirely separate to the support I got through the Travelling Gallery and ProjectScotland. She listened to my concerns about my career, and helped me plan for my future. It was actually her that recommended I go for the internship at ProjectScotland!”

Tahnee now works with ProjectScotland as a Graphic Design intern. Upon hearing about her success Alison said, “I am absolutely delighted that her hard work, determination and dedication has paid off.”