Katherine’s caught the volunteering bug!

Posted on January 24, 2014

At ProjectScotland nothing delights us more than hearing from our partners, this week we caught up with Katherine Sellar, Community Fundraiser at Health in Mind, Edinburgh.

Katherine is no stranger to us. In 2007 she was a ProjectScotland volunteer at the Edinburgh International  Film Festival and has since gone on to work with not one, but two of our charity partners. At Health in Mind Katherine works alongside our volunteers, one of which has recently snapped up the role of Digital Communications Officer. The help our volunteers provide is invaluable; according to Katherine, they “really make a difference, especially in a smaller charity – without them it would be so much harder to do my job!”

She said there was a noticeable difference in the commitment levels of our volunteers compared to other programmes. “The three month volunteering period shows them the reality of a job, we get their support, but we also feel like we’re giving them something valuable back. We’re both benefiting from the experience.” When asked if she had any concerns about the volunteering process, Katherine admitted to being worried about having to turn down potential candidates. So far, however, she hasn’t had that experience. “The matching process has been perfect so far, we described the kind of help we needed, and everyone we’ve met with has matched that criteria. It’s been really great.”

Volunteering hasn’t just made an impact on Katherine’s work life. Ever since her first three months with ProjectScotland she’s continued to volunteer with film organisations. She clearly has the volunteering bug. She laughingly admitted that “the only thing holding us back from having more ProjectScotland volunteers is space – or the lack of it!”