Volunteering gave me a purpose…

Posted on April 13, 2016

Connor KConor was working in a call centre for a large company for around 3 years. Increasingly he felt stressed, undervalued and disheartened. All of this led to him leaving his job rather suddenly. He’d always dreamed of going into youth work but a lack of experience, and difficult few years meant
he’d had little time to explore it as an option. After being unemployed for a number of months he was invited to a session about getting involved with ProjectScotland held by Lisa Laidlaw at the Dundee DWP. Although he wasn’t sure what to expect, he thought he’d give it a shot.

Immediately he was struck by how understanding Lisa was. “I spoke to her about wanting to get into youth work and she started looking into what kind of things I could be doing straight away. She suggested Rathbone as a classroom assistant I knew I wanted to do it. It felt like a step in the right direction.”

On his first day Conor says he felt relieved to be back to working, and doing something valuable with his time. “It made such a huge difference being somewhere I felt

As his volunteering role was coming to a close, a temporary Classroom Assistant position became available. He applied for the job, seeking help from his mentor Liz who offered practical CV advice and interview tips, and was successful. Now, he says, the next step is to look into getting qualifications that will enable him to continue working with children in the future.