Volunteering helped me turn my life around!

Posted on April 13, 2016

“I was involved in a lot of bad stuff and got in trouble and that. Last time I was in prison I was looking at attempted murder, it got dropped down to GBH and I ended up doing 19 months.” Andy tells us, “it was an eye opener, it made me want to change my life – that’s why I moved away and came to Dundee.

I wouldn’t have thought of volunteering with ProjectScotland but when it got suggested I just thought ‘aye, why not’. I’ve been to other schemes before that were supposed to help me but they didn’t really do anything. When I met ProjectScotland they suggested a couple of options. I told them I wanted to do general repairs and that’s when they said they had the perfect place for me.

From the first day I came in to my placement I was interested, and I kept learning new stuff every time I came back. The staff knew about my record and tattoos, but they didn’t judge me, and were willing to give me a chance. It’s good ‘cos for all the wrong I’ve done in my life, it feels like I’m giving something back and I’m making the right choices.”