Volunteering led me to the right career!

Posted on February 16, 2016

DSC_6933Ian is a former ProjectScotland volunteer and is now an Active Play Ranger at Possibilities for Each and Every Kid (PEEK) in Glasgow. PEEK support young people aged 5-25 living in the East End and North of Glasgow. Through the use of play and creative learning provision, they provide children and young people with the motivation, self-confidence and skills they need to change their lives.

At 15 Ian had to leave school due to ongoing problems. He was classed as an early leaver and therefore required by law to be in an ‘educational programme’ for a further three months. He began looking into various options and ended up volunteering with Save the Children through ProjectScotland.

Volunteering, and indeed youth work, was something he fell into by accident. “I always thought I would go and work in construction, that’s what everyone else was doing. But I started volunteering in the YES project working with young people and it just came naturally. I didn’t know I wanted to do this job until I started doing it.”

Through his volunteering placement, Ian realised he was a natural when it came to youth work and his confidence grew as he managed to achieve more, receiving positive feedback throughout. He now works with PEEK and has never looked back: “I wouldn’t be here if I hadn’t volunteered. I came here as a kid, so it’s great to be back and helping other young people. It just shows you how important this place is.”


ProjectScotland has been a partner with PEEK since 2007. Check out our blogs on Vicky and Michaela, former ProjectScotland volunteers who are still involved with the charity.