“When I heard about the types of volunteering roles available, they actually sounded quite exciting.”

Posted on August 26, 2020

Gordon Hill, Volunteer HMS UNICORN

A lot of people are surprised to hear how rewarding it is to volunteer for a local charity.

Gordon decided to volunteer because he had been out of work for sometime. He also admits that he didn’t realise he would have so many different options to choose from. 

His role includes helping as a tour guide as well as being responsible for general housekeeping at HMS Unicorn.

“It is quite fun as I like history and enjoy learning about HMS Unicorn and of course meeting people to build my confidence back up is great.

I would recommend volunteering, especially to anyone struggling while out of work and needing something worthwhile to get you motivated.

Clare (Dyer) will find you something you like. Her open friendliness brings out the confidence in people – it really helped me.”

Clare is one of our super awesome Volunteer Engagement Managers. She looks after our volunteers and partner organisations in the Dundee area. Clare is also a member of the All in Dundee consortium.

All in Dundee is part of the Discover Work Employability Pathway.

You can contact Clare directly by emailing clare.dyer@projectscotland.co.uk

Clare Dyer
Clare Dyer is our Volunteer Engagement Manager in Dundee