There is a good chance you’ve arrived here because you’ve discovered that we help young people in Scotland to get on in life while volunteering with a Scottish charity. Excellent.

There are so many reasons to volunteer with ProjectScotland that we’d wear our fingers down to the knuckles if we tried to type them all. We don’t condone that sort of self-mutilation.

So, here are just a few.

  • Build experience and skills while growing your confidence.
  • Make a difference to others and discover what sort of job you want.
  • Meet people, have fun and be part of your community.
  • Help a charity do more while you learn what you are good at.

Sound good? Go on. Volunteer. Get on in life. Do good in your community. Help make Scotland a better place.

We are also running a new SQA approved Certificate of Work Readiness programme. If you’re interested in volunteering and identify as one of the following:

• Being from a Black Minority Ethnic background
• Having a disability and/or mental health problem which affects your day to day life
• Being from a care experienced background (e.g. local authority/residential care)

You can complete our programme and earn a snazzy new qualification too! Find out more.