How it works for our volunteers

Fill in our short application form and then:

  • We’ll call and find out more about you
  • We’ll arrange a time to meet you and suggest some volunteering opportunities you might be interested in
  • You choose one
  • We’ll arrange an initial meeting with a charity (think informal chat rather than interview)
  • Go check it out. If you get a good vibe. Start.
  • You’ll agree to volunteer for 20-30 hours a week
  • You’ll formulate a plan with your line manager
  • We’ll organise for your travel expenses to be covered
  • We can match you up with a mentor
  • You volunteer for 3 months. If you get a job while volunteering. Great
  • We’ll invite you to some swanky* events.

*by swanky we mean our workshops. You get to meet other volunteers and have really great conversations about things like promoting yourself to potential employers.

There’s really nothing to lose. You’ll be doing good while giving a charity your time and energy. In return you’ll get experience and skills.

Go on. Volunteer. Apply now.