Open your eyes to more qualifications.

Maybe education wasn’t for you the first time round, or perhaps you want to add to your existing skills. Use these resources to discover what qualifications are available.


Knowing what qualifications you need, or what courses you can apply for can get confusing. The SQA website has a whole host of information that can help you make informed choices about further education and skills development.

Use the Learners page to understand what options are open to you.
Choose the MySector page to better understand what qualifications relate to which sector.

Did you know the SQA also offers volunteering qualifications?

Colleges and Universities

Colleges and universities offer full-time, part-time and flexi-time courses, including vocational routes that will help you achieve your learning ambitions. You can speak directly to your local college/university for more information and advice but you can also get more information from the following sites:

The Open University

If you’re keen to study but can’t commit to set times or are unable to travel to attend a particular university or college, the Open University might be a great option for you. They offer a range of flexible higher education qualifications that you can study through distance learning in order to help you advance, or change, your career.

Funding for Learning

For Scottish residents there are a variety of funding sources available to those who wish to learn. Many factors contribute to what type of funding you will be eligible for including what type of course you are choosing. The Scottish Government have two booklets that will help you understand the costs of learning and training, and what help you can get.

The Part-Time Student Awards Agency for Scotland (SAAS) Fee Grant has changed. Did you know you may be eligible for more than the previous £500 limit? If you have an income of £25,000 or less you may qualify for this help to contribute towards your course fees.

For more information about ILA’s, Grants, and Funding while on benefits, you should visit My World of Work.