Ace that interview!

Preparation for your interview is key. These handy tools will make sure you give yourself the best chance at nailing that interview.

Interviews usually follow a very similar pattern, and BT have designed a whole resource around giving yourself your best chance. Start at the “Who do you think you are?” tab and work through to their “putting it all together” section to really give yourself the confidence to bag that job.

BT Interview resource

You can use the following videos to help you get more comfortable talking about yourself and why you are the perfect candidate for the job:

Want to read about interview tips instead? We’ve got you covered:

Sometimes you will need to attend an Assessment Centre as part of your application to work with a company. These are designed to test your suitability for a job through various tasks. You should prepare for these as thoroughly as you would a normal interview:

Feeling Nervous?

Everyone gets nervous – but we’ve pulled together some great tips to help you get your nerves under control.