We are looking for a ‘FIXER’ for The Edinburgh Remakery

Posted on October 31, 2020

IT Repair Intern Volunteer Placement

Thanks to the success of the Remakery’s repair hub, they are growing the operation and looking for a bit of volunteering magic to further enhance their IT repair station.

Are you good at problem solving? Maybe you’re an aspiring engineer or keen to gain experience within a buzzing IT department. This role is perfect for someone who wants to be a hands-on ‘fixer’ while also making positive social and environmental change.

This is a fantastic and unique opportunity, so once you’ve read the full spec, don’t delay, get in touch with our Edinburgh Volunteer Manager Kim for more info!

Organisation Profile

The Edinburgh Remakery is a social enterprise and charity. Our mission is to create a zero waste society by diverting useable resources away from landfill, and sharing valuable repair and reuse skills with the people in our community.

Started in 2011 as a repair hub, the Remakery is now a successful and growing enterprise. Our Leith Walk location houses an IT repair station, woodworking shop, sewing area and retail space where we sell repaired and refurbished furniture and IT. We also have a dedicated storage and repair space with room to grow and we perform all of our own collections and deliveries.

Scope of Role

With good technical skills and a willingness to learn, the IT Repair Intern will be responsible for assisting in the delivery of our computer repair objectives.

Fully supported by the IT Department, this will be a varied role that has the potential to include many tasks, such as disassembling IT equipment, sorting the materials, refurbishing PCs and helping to pack, move and organise deliveries.

We are looking for an energetic, positive, resourceful individual, who loves problem-solving and is a good team player. Computer experience is an asset, but not essential.

Specific Duties:

  • Packing computers and organising deliveries
  • Disassembling IT equipment
  • Sorting materials into specific categories for recycling and disposal

What will the IT Repair Intern learn?

Experience and current qualifications are not essential but a pro-active and passionate attitude is. In return you will gain experience working within a social enterprise environment, providing useful skills for further employment. Where relevant, our team will also support you in the following areas of learning:

  • The life cycle of a product and the impact we can have on the environment around us through repair and refurbishment
    • Learn what a computer is and what materials it is comprised of
    • Learn how to fully disassemble a computer and sort the various parts to be recycled, reused or responsibly disposed of
  • The Refurbishment/Repair Process
    • Learn how to refurbish and/or repair laptops, pcs, monitors, peripherals, tablets, smartphones, printers, gadgets, etc
    • Learn how to fully disassemble and clean, perform all hardware checks, install the system and drivers, optimize installation, and price the refurbished equipment
  • Computer Fault Diagnosis
    • Learn how to perform proper diagnosis on IT equipment following rules and methods
    • Learn how to identify hardware problems for both laptops and desktop PCs
    • Learn how to identify power supply fauls, logic board faults, GPU problems, peripheral faults, etc
  • Troubleshooting Software Problems
    • Learn how to perform system deployment, partitioning, startup problems, virus removal, registry tweaking, driver installation, customizations
  • The Fixer’s Attitude, ie Why replace when you can repair?
    • Learn how to extend the life of a laptop or PC
    • Learn how to find new ways to reuse, repair or repurpose old IT equipment and parts
  • Time Management
    • Learn how to prioritise tasks, meet deadlines and multitask

Reach out to Kim.Maxwell@projectscotland.co.uk for more information or to progress an application for this super volunteering role.