Get The Gen

Get The Gen

Supporting employers to unlock and embrace the potential of their diverse multigenerational workforces.

Get the Gen are a social enterprise created to support businesses with the challenges around recruitment and retention of a multi-generational workforce, starting with young people.

For the first time in history, five generations are working side by side. This is possibly the biggest piece of the whole diversity, equity, and inclusion conversation that – for many – is still invisible in plain sight.

They have been working with organisations across the UK and internationally, since 2019, to better understand how to shape their internal dynamics to create a workplace where all individuals can find a way to meaningfully contribute.

Get The Gen use evidence-based insights to deliver workshops, talks, training, and consultancy work that create lasting individual and group change. Employers are supported to develop, understand, and put into practice the core skills and insights they require to get the best out of their multi-generational workforce.

By investing in the future of your workforce, you will also be investing in the future of young people who have a barrier to the workplace – as all profits go directly back into funding Project Scotland’s & Volunteering Matters vital charitable work.

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Are you ready to develop the knowledge and tools to get the best from your multi-generational workforce?

Get the Gen know the challenges and the solutions – see how they can help your workplace.

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