Youth volunteering

Youth volunteering

The Youth Volunteering Innovation Project (YouthVIP) spent a year meeting to share their stories and experiences.

For more information about how you can better support young volunteers, contact:

Demi Moffat, Engagement Manager North and East
Mobile: 07833250410

Erin Fulton – Engagement Manager South and West (including Falkirk)
Mobile: 07398 603609

As we continue our work with the third sector to encourage partners to embrace the #YouthVIP recommendations, we are delighted to now be in a position to share the following guidelines (and associated training).

“As someone involved in the original #YouthVIP report, I’m glad to see young people and their volunteering efforts are back high up on the agenda, especially during the backdrop of Covid-19, a period where young people have become champions across their communities.”

Rachael Hatfied, #iWill Scottish Ambassador

The YouthVIP report highlighted the need for improvements to both the number and quality of volunteering opportunities in order to increase participation. The next step in realising recommendations 1 and 2 (of 13) from the report is to support organisations to:

…think afresh about the volunteering opportunities that they can provide for your young people.

Aileen Campbell, MSP Cabinet Secretary for Communities and Local Government


Download the Guidelines

These guidelines were carefully shaped and honed by young people:


The Youth Volunteering Innovation Project

The Youth Volunteering Innovation Project (YouthVIP) spent a year meeting to share their stories and experiences in order to submit their recommendations to the Scottish Government as part of the development of ‘Volunteering for All’. By coming together, from communities across the country, this group of young people drafted a plan to make volunteering better and more accessible for all young people.

“I personally feel that volunteering has helped me massively; it has given me a great support network of friends and developed my confidence. I think young people need these experiences now more than ever. I am so proud to have been part of the fantastic group that created these recommendations and I know all of those involved are too.”

Cian Gullen, #iWill Scottish Ambassador

All 13 of their recommendations were agreed in principle and work began in 2020, in spite of COVID, to focus on recommendations 1 and 2.

  1. Youth inclusion training for volunteer providers.
  2. Guidelines on supporting young volunteers that take account of their different needs and experiences.

We hope to see more young people making a valuable contribution to Scotland’s communities through greater access to practical and effective volunteering opportunities but we need your help to achieve this.

Whether for the young person’s enjoyment or as part of a journey to employment, we all have a responsibility to listen to the experts and make the changes needed to enable more young people in Scotland to volunteer.

Is your organisation doing enough? Would you or your community group benefit from Youth inclusion training and support?

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