Adam’s Story

Adam’s Story

Adam Christie is a young person from Aberdeen, who approached ProjectScotland to start his journey of how to get on in life! He has written about his journey, and how ProjectScotland have helped.

My Journey So Far

On March 8, 2023, I attended the ‘Next Future event’ organised by Skills Development Scotland (SDS) in partnership with Aberdeen City Council. First, I started by getting into SDS office for enquiries, I was kind of stuck and not knowing what to do or how to progress. So, when I worked into the event centre, there were a lot of organisations that I spoke to including ProjectScotland, fortunately it was only ProjectScotland that got back to me at the speed of light. I was very impressed with that. Within a few weeks I was already signed on to a volunteering slot after my initial meeting with George, the engagement manager at the Bon Accord Coffee centre.

From that short period of time, I would say that my placement with Apex Grampian fitted into what I had always wanted in life. From approaching ProjectScotland and having a conversation with the team at the SDS event was like a miracle for me. They offered me something I was always looking forward to accomplishing for myself – a business/administrative opportunity.

Being engaged with Apex Grampian as a data entry volunteer has offered me an opportunity to know how little things can become useful to the success of the business – the knowledge of how one can sort things out, realising that things don’t just get done themselves, but you have to put them up together, asking questions from relevant expertise, and collaborating with the team makes it much more rewarding and impactful for me.

So far, I have been exposed to administration software and data entry training, and knowing how this individual software works to support what they do, knowing what to do when things go wrong and the impact it could have on the outcome. Being responsible in registering people and taking in their data into the system means you must get it right; hence I would say that this has impacted greatly in my attention to detail as a person. Currently I am undertaking Construction Skills Certification Scheme training and that will, no doubt, open so many more job opportunities for me within the construction industry and I must say I’m happy for this because it’s coming to me on platter of gold.

Finally, complimenting my journey so far with mentorship has worked so well with me. Having a guidance has also helped to shape my personal goals and development. Having someone to speak to and who tells me what I have done so well and what I haven’t. It’s infinitely good to work with someone who knows and has had an experience of what I’m probably going through now. This for me, makes a difference and it makes it possible to believe that every hurdle can be jumped – knowing someone who knows what to do, when to do it and how to get it done. I must say that I’m happy working with ProjectScotland through my journey of life!

Adam Christie, Aberdeen

If you found Adam’s story inspiring and think this would be the right path for you, get in touch with our team in Aberdeen to help you find your next steps:

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